TÜRKÇE       1.06.2023
I- Participants are:
1- Vendor
Name: Inal Bookstore (Vendor)
Addr : Sultanahmet Istanbul Turkey,
Tel : 0212 527 67 03
Fax: 0212 527 67 05
E-mail : inalkitabevi superonline.com
2- Customer
Name /Surname/Title:
II- Subject:
The customer orders and buys the vendors www.inalkitabevi.com internet-site, the items with their special features and prices. The rights for the sale and delivery are arranged accordingly as follows.
III- Vendors commitments.
We agree to the fact that the buyer can and has the full legal rights to reject the ordered buy and return it to the vendor within 7 days after the buy has been made. We commit to take back the buy as soon as we are informed about the return.
IV-  Products on contract:
Total TL price to be paid:
Form of payment:
The receiver person/firm:
Delivery addr.:
Invoice addr.:
Freight charges and the payer:
Code of product, product definition, price and amount:
The customer can contact for any and complaint the İnal Kitabevi +90 212 527 67 03  tel no for customer services or www.inalkitabevi.com web- site addr. or İnalbookstore Customer Services Sultanahmet Istanbul Turkey.
IV- General conditions:
1- The customer announces and agrees to the order he has made on the electronic - milieu , he has read all the aspects of the item on display with its price, its form of payment, and the form of its delivery. He beholds the right to cancel or reject the buy he has made.
2- The item ordered is delivered to the customer within the agreed conditions. The vendor can extend the delivery period up to 10 days , giving the customer information about this fact.
3- If the order is going to be delivered to a third person determined by the customer and was rejected at the delivery, the vendor cannot be held responsible for this act as the customer had chosen the receiver at the delivery address.
4- The vendor is responsible for the safe delivery as agreed in the contract.
5- If the credit card of the customer has been used without his consent , he can ask his bank to cancel this payment. İn such cases the bank returns the payment within 10 days.
6- If due to extraordinary reasons the vendor cannot deliver the order within 30 days after the order has been made, he can ask a 10 days period for his delivery. The customer can use his preference to either cancel the order or wait for an native delivery period.
V- The buyer has the right to withdraw his order:
1- The buyer is entitled to cancel the order he has made under the contract conditions, within 7 days after the receipt of the article. He should in this case inform the vendor about this fact. If the customer uses his cancellation right than with the return of the article the original invoice should be returned too. In the case the original invoice cannot be returned the tax due on the item (k.d.v.) or other obligatory taxes cannot be refunded. The vendor pays for the freight charges if the customer cancels within the period according to the contract.
2- The buyer cannot use his legal cancellation rights in the following cases:
a- If the customer has damaged or destroyed the original package of the item.
b- If the customer damages any color - coating or design of the item he has bought
3- If the buyer has made the payment for the buy either totally or partially by a credit loan in case of a cancellation and refund, the contract agreement for the credit loan will be ceased and there will be no legal penalties, but the credit loaner should be informed about this cancellation in time and this notification should be made in written form. In the case of a missing written notification and if the credit loaner has already paid the vendor, the customer cannot demand any interest or return payment delay fee the vendor other than the amount he paid.
4- In the case of a refund by the vendor, the return payment for the refund is made to the same bank account which the payment was made for the order. The vendor holds no responsibility for not being able to make this refund if by any means that particular account no has been changed or it has been closed down totally. In this case the customer has to contact the vendor personally to get back his refund and is not able to claim any interest or loss for the delay of the refund.
5- Any error in the prices of the items or in their feature and also stockage mistakes will be corrected by the vendor. If the correction comes too late and the item has already been paid for, after a cancellation is made for the order, the refund to the account or credit card will follow. Any delay of the refund to the account and or to the credit card, is not under the responsibility of the vendor. Any price change due to the market situation, must not be regarded under this paragraph.
VI- Other clauses of the contract are:
1- This contract binds its partners and their successors in front of law and the clauses herein can be judged for or against the participants.
2- Any discrepancy will be dealt for in court `Istanbul Mahkemesi` (Court of Istanbul).
3- When not otherwise changed or informed within 15 days, addresses given by the contract partners will be in use for any law procedures.
4- The buyer has read and agreed to all the conditions of this contract.
Name/Surname/Title: İnal kitabevi