TÜRKÇE       29.03.2023

Payment for the orders can be made in 2 ways .

By Credit Card:

Please fill in the infos needed for this form of payment. The amount shown on the payment screen under the `Total cost` is the total amount to be debited to your credit card account. Please press the button `confirm order` to complete your order process. During your payment with your credit, the card cannot be used in the following cases:

1- not enough limit on the card

2- wrong credit card no. entry

3-the validity of the card is expired

4-in case the card is and add-card , the main cardholder might have canceled the card.

5- no approval received due to

link problems during the payment process

6- using a card that has already been denounced as lost

7- the card you are trying to use is an `Atm` card and not a credit card

Thru Money Order:

Please give your correct order no. for us , so that we can trace the payment on the bank screen . Money Orders can be made in TL, USD, EURO The delivery time starts in this case the moment the TL amount is shown in our account. The money order has to be made within 2 days after the order or otherwise we are obliged to cancel this order.