TÜRKÇE       1.06.2023
Cancellations, returns and defected receives:
Cancellation of the order:
Finished up orders which have not been sent to the freight co. can be canceled
Online your `orders` page. On the orders page press to `cancel` on the right hand side of the page and also press ok at the bottom. After your ok your orders state will be changed into `the order is being examined for the action total cancellation` after our confirmation of the cancellation the refund process begins.
The refund will be made either to your credit card or your bank account whichever was used for the payment. The refund to your credit card will be settled within 1-3 weeks and 1 week to your bank account in the case of money order as payment.
If the freight has already been given to the freight co., an online cancellation is not possible.
Refund procedure:
If the freight has already been delivered and paid, the return of the item has to be made within 7 days after the delivery with the original invoice and all its copies and with a statement for the reason of the return of the item.
The general return conditions are as follows:
-The returns should be made in their original package.
-The return of the item is not possible if the original package has been damaged and this would prevent the item a resale. Damaged packages are in this case: taped or stickered by the freight co.
-The returns with damages cannot be accepted.
-The freight charges for the return are paid by us if the item was already defected on receipt, otherwise the orderer has to pay for the freight charges.
-The procedure for refund starts at the time the returned item has reached us and has been examined by our technical dept. and has been accepted as a return.
- By corporate invoices a refund invoice has to be issued by the institution for the price and tax (k.d.v)
excluding freight charges. Without a refund invoice no refund is possible in this case.
Defect procedures:
  • All the items on sale are under the guarantee of the supplier or manufacturer or importer.
  • All exchanges and repairs are processed by the guarantee. The returns are sent to the firm concerned.
  • Please put in a note explaining the defect while returning the damaged item.
  • The procedure times for the returned articles differ in each case:
- for changes of items
- for repair of items
-for lacking stock contents
      • As we are in contact with the guarantees a secure and quick procedure for the change can be made.
      • We will send you an e-mail upon receipt of the returned item.
      • Defects caused by customer are not under the guaranty scope

Defected new buys:
If for any reason a new buy is defected in its original packing. In this case you can reach thru the customer services `return of items` or `item exchange` dept. and you receive a follow up no.
Important: In the defected new buys category, the item should be returned in its original packing with all its accessories directly to us. It is very important that the package is preserved in its original form. Please advice us with a note in your returned item which of the following procedures your choice is.
      • Repair
      • exchange
      • return
After receipt of the item we will contact you in this matter at our soonest possible. Freight charges in these cases are paid by us.