TÜRKÇE       1.06.2023
Our site and its secured buys.
The transaction made in the safety areas of our site are guarded by the Positive SSL 128 bit code system. Our data-base is equipt with the latest technology, and d each time necessary. All pages with your personal data infos, orders and payments are coded with the SSL security system. The browser you use showing a key and lock secures all infos, and these can in no means be reached by a third party. For your secure online transactions the Positive 128 bit SSL system provides a safe payment. None of your credit card infos remain in our system after your payment. The infos are sent, confirmed or denied by the bank and the order in case of a confirmation is made accordingly. Our system has double security procedures for credit card payments.
Security for credit cards:
Our Positive SSL certificated system uses Garanti Banks `e-Ticaret Sanal Pos` system which is the most widespread network and data-base. The Positive SSL codes under the 128 bit SSL and sends the info for the inquiry to the bank .If the transaction gets a confirmation the ordering goes on . These infos can never be reached or located by a third person. During your payment transaction by credit card you can locate a picture on the right hand side at the bottom of IE.7.0 and also a key shape with an addr. bar on top showing that these infos are coded by SSL and also you can see after pressing by which firm the security has been provided.
3D Secure:
This system has been developed by the credit card firm for identity verification of the user for a secure transaction. This system is named `verified by visa` for the visa cards and `secure code` for master cards. By the 3D secure system, during the online payment, the code known only by user and identity infos of the user are inquired by the bank. This system prevents and secures the use of these infos by third person. By the 3D system the screen that opens up in front of the user on his order confirm page is the banks screen. The personal code given to this screen secures the transaction. Please control and if necessary your cell-phone no. The 3D secure system is defined by Garanti Bank in our site.