TÜRKÇE       10.06.2023

Before entering the site:


Be a member thru the `Be Member` link . You can order and give your comments of the material within your membership. All the information in your membership form will be kept top secret and will be used to contact you for any inquiries.

User entry:

The members of our site can use the link ` User entry` to enter our site . The members can reconstruct any information, can examine their last orders in their basket and can make their order.

Forgot my code :

User can link to `Forgot my code ` and fill in the form to get to his code.

Activation of the code :

After the confirmation of your membership you will receive an activation code which enables you a soft entry into the site and is also a confirmation for your secured infos. Due to delays in the net system you may not receive this code in time . Please use `Activation of the code ` to get to it. Also use this link to reactivate your membership if it was in a passive mode lately.

After entering the site:

After your membership you can organize all your personal information.

My orders:

You can enter into this program to see the state of your latest order or your prevıous orders.

İn the basket:

You can see the orders in your basket here and according to your wish either cancel or add on to them. This is your order starts.


You can leave the site safely being sure all your information are stored safely.