TÜRKÇE       4.10.2023
Your orders are being sent per post. The orders are being sent immediately after the payment is effected. That is if you pay by credit card, as the payment is effected immediately the shipment will be sent within one day. If the payment is effected by money order, even if you order thru our site, the shipment is sent within one day after the payment reaches our bank. All the orders are effected latest within seven days period.

Freight and Cargo charges

The freight and cargo charges are included in your orders. If you have examined the charges thru all the steps in your basket you can follow up the prices and the charges for the weight of your orders and the total amounts.
The pages are being coded by a crypto sistem consisting of 128 safe codes. There is a membership system in our site, so you do not have to enter all the personal informations again. This is done once, we do not keep your informations for your credit card payment in our system.
Although your informations for your membership are kept in our site your credit card informations are asked by each payment.
These informations are asked by each payment to effect payment and after the contact to the bank is made a safe transaction is effected...

Our stocks

If we do not have the titles in stock, you will not be able to find them during your interrogation. That is the boks you find in our site are at your disposal. Although during your order it could happen that they have been sold already. If so, the books you have ordered have already been sold, we as Inal book store quarantee you that the missing titles will be payed back. For us a smooth order and payment is very important. As the transfer of money is made immediately after the payment is made thru your credit card, if we are not able to supply you with the title which you paid for, we quarantee as Inal book store that we pay back the titles we cannot supply.