TÜRKÇE       4.10.2023
İnal kitabevi
İnal Bookstore was founded in the year 1973 at the ‘Sahaflar Çarşısı’, the historical bookcenter, in Beyazıt Istanbul. Our bookstore has been supplying all books published in Turkey especially in the subjects Turkish Art History, Archaeology, Literature, Sociology and Soial Anthropology to al research institutions, universities, unstitutions, libraries and researchers all around the world. For these servivces we have been publishing starting 1974 over 90 catalogues.
İnal Bookstore is specialized also in Ottoman Turkish books (Turkish written in the Arabic alphabet) and offers a wide range of continuous periodicals, academical periodicals to current periodicals and current newspapers. İnal Bookstore has supplied and gained researchers over 30.000 Ottoman Turkish books and over 5.000 periodicals.
İnal Bookstore is also since 2006 serving in the internet milieu, and with its renovated site is hoping to establish a warmer contact with its customers.